Friday, 28 September 2007

Buddhism and Fitness

Now that the events have come and gone I find myself with no public events left to go to! There are two large ones on the horizon but there big and I need time to get them right.

This week I've been looking into Buddhist culture, which has been interesting. The centre I attended practiced with the oldest teachings of Buddha. Yet it debunked most of the myths celebrities and the media would have had us think about it. Or maybe not directly but indirectly thought. Such as it being a pursuit towards an enhanced way of thinking. Not that it can't be and not that people won't do that with it.

Yet for me I did understand that pursuit of nothing, that just living is far wiser than pursuing. Though I can't apply this to my own life, I could never sit still long enough!

One of the things I found so profound this week was the prayers. I've never liked christian prayer, infact I always disliked it, not for any spiteful or bias reasoning. My gut just didn't like the practice. Then again I always felt that the christian religion was controlled far too heavily by those at the top and I always saw that as a frame of corruption within a hierarchical makeup. So I didn't expect a great deal from the Buddhist prayers, but i was open to anything.
But when those who knew what to say started to say them, it was fairly terrific. The second prayer was about beings all across the universe being united together and free from separation. The amazing thing was that you could really hear the age and the time within the words, you felt as if you were being put back in another time. Sends a shiver down my spine even now.

I've been to a Pentecostal service also and didn't really think a lot of the experience. I felt as if people were focusing too heavily on Jesus and not enough on their own lives. Then again thats my opinion.

I also started running again properly this week which gets more enjoyable every time i do it. One thing about being at home instead of at University, is that I can get to do some things like these. I guess other Uni's aren't like that, but Stafford campus is very quiet ;)

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