Friday, 14 September 2007

Fans and Fitness

It was nice today to see that I'd received a gift from a young year six pupil who had read one of my books. She'd made a little figure of me with those round buttons that you iron together. Telling me that I'm "The best writer ever.". Very sweet.

That's the nice thing about all the hard work. Eventually you start to get people coming back to you and telling you what they think, whether it be kids being brutally honest (Both bad and good) or adults giving you what you hope is an objective opinion. But with nearly ten good testimonials, from people that really enjoy my book "The Storms of Acias" it gives you a lot of motivation and confidence.

Another of my intrests is running. I love running, I've only been doing it for two years and i was aweful at it in school. But now i see it as a way to train myself to work longer and more effectively, without getting so stressed you can't cope, which is the important part. I know not everyone sees it as a great stress reliever, but it is for me. All that enjoyment went and got me a sprained ankle as well! Still that's not going to be the last of my injuries (laughs)

Just one more round of posters to put up before all the events are underway for the next two weeks. With three more about to be setup and confirmed within the next few days.

Till then...

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