Thursday, 13 September 2007


Well the Radio interview on BBC stoke was good. Hopefully a publisher might just have been listening, at least I can hope so.

As with promotion its just another thing ticked off on a long list. I've known for a long time that my book is a gamble in terms of its saleability. the book itself is quite different, the ending is still a new subject in terms of fiction and its written in a style some people will love and some will really dislike. But I always knew that would be the case.

So I know that in order to make this work I'll have to do four times what some people have done. GP Taylor got lucky, three weeks in he had the first sightings of a deal and that was it.

I have publishers telling me they like the book but every time they won't take that all important gamble.

Just like mainstream games in the gaming industry. Only the indie developers will take a gamble on a new idea, one that could be groundbreaking (All hail bullfrog).

So as before, onto the next event! Newcastle Library.

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