Thursday, 13 September 2007

Publicity and The big dream

Thank god for the computer, or i don't know where i would be. I've created all my posters on it, laid out my typeset for my book (That is how the words appear on the page) myself. Doesn't half make your life easier, but then again you don't speak to people, you don't have to ring anyone and your glued to a screen fifteen hours a day.

Not that I'm complaining, though its certainly true. Posters was today's theme, put some up in a little village near where i live.

Right now I'm creating blogs where ever I can and ranting about the things that matter to me most.

I think in the past week I must have received three or four leaflets/brochures on terminal illness or some sort of medical condition that is affecting someones life. I give them a quick read, only to find that were still where we were five years ago (In some not all cases). I don't believe that money thrown at organisations is the only answer, it can help, it can save lives, which is what we want.
But for me I want to do more than that, I want to be able to save the lives of as many people as possible. But for me money is the issue. As I learnt when I was a teenager, you can't save the world without money. Because money makes the world go round. Well one of these days in years to come I will start putting all these words into action and I'll be a far happier man for it too.

Until that day, the hard work continues.

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