Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Deliverance unto the few

It is nice, when you can help others. Whenever I go to a reading or writing group and someone has written a work, of any sort, I try and gauge whether I can help them out. I'm also a businessman so I listen to what I know sounds like it will carry, but also to what sounds like it has a message and great meaning.
I recently helped out a writer who had been writing his novel on and off for several years. Now it looks as if he will do very well.

The reason I bring this up however is not because he has gotten somewhere. But because I passed him on with no want for gain. I still don't infact expect to get a lot of money for it. However I did it because I heard what sounded like a good story; potentially a very good story and more importantly I wanted to help him.

I think as long as we don't loose sight of what makes us who we are; we can never truly go astray. That as long as we remember that the path is more important than the journey, we won't forget the importance of watching the footsteps along the way.

I have just added a gallery to my website, with photos of the events I’ve done and I am now far more importantly, back to square one.

The thing is, you might think it was an easy as picking up a phone. The reality is, that you have to ring people again and again and again and again. For days and weeks on end, until you A) Get the right person and B) Manage to find a day when there in. So i am now organising four more book signings, but I expect them to take me a good three weeks to get fully organised.

Still, it will work, eventually I’ll have enough money to start developing Dark Cataclysm properly and we will make one of the best games ever made. Then I’ll be able to start making some more money, before finally putting all that hard effort to good use.

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